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Five Years On…..

I’ve not blogged for ages so I thought I’d come and say hello.

Its coming unto the 5th anniversary of my diagnosis so I thought it would be a good time to reflect.

So I’ll start off with things that have changed over the last 5 years.

Medication – I’ve taken a cocktail of meds throughout the 5 years…I’ve lost count to be honest. I’ve been swapped and switched so many times. But I take them every night like clock work and they seem to have some affect.


Me – I think I’ve changed quite a lot. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I like to believe somewhere in here is a little bit of the old me. I’d like to think I’m stronger now probably not much calmer though. I suppose everyone changes with age and things life throws at you.

Me and my beautiful Mum
Me and my beautiful Mum

My support network – I’m very lucky to have supportive people around me. My hubby, Son, Mum, Dad and a couple of close friends. Without this I really don’t want to think where I would be. I’ve learnt to accept help and not be ashamed.

Dad modelling the new stock
Dad modelling the new stock

Learning about bipolar – This is a big one for me. Bipolar effects everyone differently but the symptoms are clear……if that makes sense. I’ve learned so much about my anxieties, moods, mood changes, sleep patterns, eating patterns. I’ve learnt to spot early stages but I’ve also learnt I don’t need to do this on my own.  I’ve also learnt (in my case) that keeping busy and creative helps tremendously. Also blogging on here helps a great deal, sharing my thoughts and experiences with you…….helps keep track of my mood.  I’ve also learnt how to deal with stigma….Not that I’m saying that we should put up with it.

Work – Many of you know that crafting is such a huge realise for me. Then 2 years ago I opened a haberdashery in Derbyshire. The shop is going extremely well and I love every minute of it. But now I run workshops for adults and children. I absolutely love it and its so rewarding. my little shop

I’m learning to crochet at the moment……..long way to go
so relaxing
my Sewing Studio where the workshops take place

So on to things that haven’t changed….

Well I still have Bipolar 😦 and I’m not stable 100 % of the time……BUT i’ve accepted it, I’m learning to live with it (although I will probably will never stop learning about Bipolar).


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