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Putting on the Brave Face!

Hi Everyone,

Yes It’s me…..I’m back and blogging. I’m going to put an hour aside here and there to make time to blog….I’m determined.

Life’s been very hectic to say the least this year. I have the shop full-time now as well as running sewing/craft workshops in the evenings and weekends.

On top of that I’m working towards a level 3 City & Guilds in Design & Stitch….

Current Module –

IMG_4958 IMG_4960 IMG_5355 IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5359

As well as working on my own things…

Town & Country Project…

IMG_5058 IMG_5145 IMG_5447 IMG_5101 IMG_5475

Hubby has been extremely busy too as he opened up his open company at the beginning of the year. And Ben well he’s just growing up quickly.

So why is it I’m in the middle of a mixed episode, irritable, snappy, emotional, anxious, broken sleep, restless, lack of interest to say the least.

At the beginning of the year the docs took me off Quietepine completely due to health reasons. It was never replaced with anything so I’ve been relying on Litium to control my moods.  If was clear to see after a few months that this wasn’t working so now I’ve been prescribed Risperidone which I’m finding makes me more restless.

What’s the answer?…..I’m not sure however I hope this doesn’t carry on long. I’ve got to give the meds chance to work before changing them.

I’m doing my best to relax when I can, especially before bed. I’m eating what I can, doing breathing techniques and trying not to be too hard on myself (I know it’s easier said than done).

Hopefully next time I blog I’ll be feeling better and back on form.

Speak soon



2 thoughts on “Putting on the Brave Face!

  1. Gosh sounds to me you have so much going on! no wonder you are stressed to the eyeballs – one thing at a time, one day at a time is pretty much my mantra. Eventually it all falls into place and if it doesn’t get done today, there is always tomorrow! That doesn’t mean i don’t have deadlines to meet, but if I miss it, que sera… take some time out to smell the roses and take it easy once in a while… my fave saying is from Lao Tse “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”…

    i love your black and white raw edge work!

    Thanks for liking Reddy Arts blog by the way!


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