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Inspiration Inspires Me !

Its been quiet a year for me regarding mental health 😦 

In the last 10 months I’ve had my medications changed four times, my CPN retired after spending the last 4 years with me and my Dr of 3 years has decided to leave the NHS …….grrrrrr too much change.

Mix that and feeling absolutely dreadful recently to cold bugs or viruses it has had a mental impact. 

For weeks the anxiety crept back along with negative thoughts leaving me with the ‘ I’m not good enough thoughts’ I decided to list what spurs me on to shake off those negative feelings.


Yes as the title of the post says…… I’ve discovered I’m more of a visual person when it comes to inspiration.

I love visiting new places, scenic places and towns, it instantly calms any anxiety. Beautiful old towns and stunning landscapes….. like the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire which we visited earlier this year.


Or the equally stunning and creative town of Buxton, also in Derbyshire.


I also love visiting towns that are hosting art festivals and trails like Wirksworth and Melbourne ( both in Derbyshire). 

In august I always drag my mum to the Quilting Festival at the NEC Birmingham. This is very inspiring. Not only can you see 100’s of award winning quilts and textile arts, shop til you drop but you can even book into a few workshops on the day. 


Mum stitching away x
Mum stitching away x

There’s nothing more relaxing to me than learning a new skill or technique where crafts are concerned. So I find my City & Guilds coursework really helps. I’m just under half way through a level 3 Design & Stitch certificate and I’m addicted…..

Final Assesment Piece for Module Two
Sample piece for my new module. Subject of spirals.
Sample piece for my new module. Subject of spirals.

And my highlights of my week to week is teaching. I teach children and adults how to sew. I love to see other people getting creative and learning.

Part of my children's classes projects for Christmas gifts ideas.
Part of my children’s classes projects for Christmas gifts ideas.

My newest drive for inspiration comes from this little book. I’m only half way through it but their way of living sounds perfect….. 

But I'll let you know after I've finished reading.
But I’ll let you know after I’ve finished reading.


Finding inspiration and feeling calm is a must for me. I love to create my own art and sometimes it’s extremely difficult when anxiety and depression kicks in, but I persevere ……


My aim now is to get myself inspired. Finding inspirational places and creative ways.. …I will keep myself well.


thanks for reading. Xxx 


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